Are Your Brakes Failing?

Signs You Need to Get Brake Repair ASAP!

Virginia has 6 million licensed drivers. With so many cars out on the road, a good set of brakes is essential if you hope to avoid an accident. If you allow these important pieces of safety equipment to deteriorate, you might not be able to stop quickly. To help you out, Campus Automotive in Blacksburg has compiled a list of a few signs that it’s time to arrange brake repair for your car or truck.

It Takes Work to Brake

You shouldn’t have to put a lot of pressure on your brake pedal when you want to stop. While power brakes alleviate some of the work needed to slow down, you may find yourself pressing further before the car responds if the brakes are wearing out. This is an early warning sign many drivers miss. It could provide significant savings if you spot the problem before disc damage occurs.

Nasty Noises

Unless you’re stopping in an emergency, braking should be a quiet action. When your brakes start to wear out, you could hear screeching, grinding, squealing, and other unpleasant sounds. Manufacturers design pads to create these noises as a built-in warning system. Be sure to visit a professional if you hear any of these sounds while stopping.

Unusual Vibrations

Pay attention to your brake pedal and steering wheel while you’re driving. If you notice vibrations while braking, it could be a sign your pads have significant wear. The most common cause of this is because two pieces of metal are rubbing together, which will lead to rotor damage if left untreated.

Don’t Ignore Your Brakes

You expect your brakes to work whenever you press the pedal, which is why you should never ignore the warning signs. If you notice any of these symptoms or the brake indicator illuminates on your dashboard, let one of our technicians take a look as soon as possible. Campus Automotive has years of experience helping drivers in Blacksburg, Virginia. We can keep you driving safely. For a service appointment, call our shop or use our online contact form today.

Written by Campus Automotive

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