Need New Brake Calipers?

Do You Need New Brake Calipers? Every component of your vehicle’s braking system, from the brake pedal to the brake pads, plays an essential role in your safety when you’re behind the wheel. If even one part of your brake system isn’t working, it can increase your risk of a collision. An essential part of

Need a Dependable Mechanic?

How to Find a Dependable Automotive Repair Shop You have a lot riding on your four wheels. That’s why taking your car to a dependable auto repair shop you know and trust is crucial. But if you’re in the market for a new car care shop, how can you find an honest one? Luckily, the

Do You Need an Oil Change? Call Us Now

Get Your Oil Filter Replaced at Campus Automotive All About Engine Oil Filters Most of us know how important clean oil is for a healthy car engine. The oil keeps all engine components properly lubricated and prevents them from overheating. But what is an oil filter and what role does it play? The automotive service

Car Stuck In Limp Mode? Our Auto Repair Experts Can Help!

Trust Your Vehicle to Our Auto Repair Technicians What to Know About Engine Limp Mode Has your vehicle ever suddenly refused to accelerate while the check engine light pops up on your dashboard? Welcome to limp mode. While it may sound like some rare medical disorder, engine limp mode is quite common for many cars.

What is Involved in a Tire Service Appointment?

Tire Service Doesn’t Have to be Complicated Explanation of Tire Service Basics Taking the time to take care of your car can be time-consuming, but it’s essential to keep costs down, keep you safe, and get the most out of your vehicle for thousands of miles to come. Tire service is one of the basic