Oil Change in Blacksburg, VA

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Why You Need Oil Changes

At the heart of your vehicle is the engine, roaring and pumping to get your vehicle moving. It works hard every time you start your car and relies on clean motor oil to run properly. Campus Automotive in Blacksburg, Virginia provides oil changes for all makes and models to remove old, dirty oil and keep engines healthy. Without this essential service, your vehicle will undoubtedly experience major failures and breakdowns early in its lifespan. That means higher and more frequent repair costs!

If technicians are putting clean oil into your car, you might be wondering why it needs to be changed. Particles find their way into the engine compartment and as the motor oil circulates, it picks these up. That means the dirt and dust isn’t immediately causing damage to the engine parts and the oil is doing its job. Unfortunately, oil can’t retain its helpful properties forever. Eventually, additives designed to lubricate engine parts and control temperatures wear out. Sluggish, grimy oil filled with contamination won’t be able to protect the engine or keep it clean. That’s why oil must be replaced regularly!

Benefits of Professional Service

While it’s true that you can change your motor oil at home, we wouldn’t recommend it without the proper tools and knowledge. Hot motor oil can be extremely harmful if improperly handled and your vehicle may sustain damage from any mistakes you make. We don’t say that to discourage you from learning, but if dirt and grime aren’t your thing, Campus Automotive is here to provide fast and simple oil change service. Our ASE Certified technicians follow industry standards for high-quality service and safe disposal of used motor oil. We also know which kind of motor oil will be best for your individual vehicle to help it reach optimal performance and efficiency!

Why Choose Us?

Campus Automotive is a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility, making us an ideal location for reliable oil changes in Blacksburg, Virginia. Whether you are a resident or just stopping through, you can count on our team for quality work! We have decades of experience providing expert care in our community. For oil changes and more in-depth repairs, we stand behind our work with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty!

We make oil changes easier than ever with convenient scheduling options. Just select a time online that works best for you and our technicians will be ready and waiting for your vehicle! Call 540-951-7398 for more information or simply stop by our shop at 1208 North Main Street near Blacksburg Municipal Park! We welcome walk-in customers!